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Experience Vantage MarketingVantage Marketing Reviews is a place to find the most recent reviews on Vantage Marketing. We pride ourselves in paying close attention to the feedback from our current sales team and former sales representatives. We always strive to make our processes better and take into account our employees and former employees ideas and recommendations  As new reviews & testimonials come in, they will be found here. If you would like to leave us a review, please fill out the form on the contact page & we will be in touch.

Founded in 2010, Vantage Marketing has already become the nation’s largest pest control marketing company, and an industry leader in providing summer employment opportunities to college students. Our summer marketing program offers students access to the best training, management, and compensation in the industry. Our management team is comprised of the finest individuals in the business. Over the past decade this team has produced over $60 million in gross pest control sales, generating over $25 million in commissions paid to our student sales associates. Our average student earns in excess of $22,000 during the summer, with many earning $50,000 or more in just four months! Our success and reputation has allowed us to secure marketing contracts with the nation’s top pest control companies including Terminix International, the world’s largest. At Vantage we strive to provide unparallel opportunities to our sales associates by helping them develop a skill set and the financial means to achieve success in whatever career field they choose. Simply put, Vantage provides individuals the greatest opportunity for success in the summer sales industry – period! Please visit us at www.choosevantge.com to find out more.

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